Cricket Funding - What's Available?

21 May 2020

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Welcome news for Cricket this month as funds have been opened to assist cricket clubs in the wake of the COVID-19 hiatus. These grants represent great opportunities for our clubs to get a kickstart in the right direction before the 2020/21 season. For all you need to know about the grants, read below.

Community Resilience Fund

Sport NZ has created a $25 million package to provide further short-term relief for organisations at all levels of sport and active recreation. Eligible organisations can apply for a maximum of $1,000 to assist their club.

How do we apply?

All applications must be submitted through your local RST.  Each region will have a different application process so please check on their website.  For a list of these websites, and to learn more about how to apply, please follow the link below:


ANZ Good Sports Grant

All local netball and cricket clubs or teams can apply for support through the ANZ grant. They can apply for cricket equipment or apply for funding to help with team registration fees, rent or even ground maintenance. 

How do we apply?

To apply for this grant, clubs must fill in an application form outlining; what difference the grant will make to your club, the lasting impact the funding will make, backed up with any supporting information.  

For more information or to apply now, visit the link below:


Sport Otago ‘The Sporting Chance Fund’

Sporting Chance is a Sport Otago programme that provides financial assistance to children from disadvantaged circumstances to help them take part in sport.  It funds participation and will assist with the basic costs of playing a sport.  Sporting Chance makes grants for the costs of:

  • Fees.  You can apply for the cost of club or schools fees for playing sport.  There are some exceptions - so be sure to apply for the right costs to increase your chances of getting a grant.
  • Sporting footwear.  You can apply for the cost of sporting footwear such as football boots, court shoes or running shoes.

How do we apply?

All applications to Sporting Chance must be made through a Sporting Chance referee on an official application form.  Application forms are available from schools and support agencies throughout Otago. All applications must be signed by the applicant's parent or guardian and a Sporting Chance referee. A letter will then be sent to the relevant Sporting Chance referee notifying them of the outcome.

For more information on this grant, visit the link below:


NB: to ask questions or request help with your application, contact OCA Capability Manager, Andrew Petrie at