Male & Female Junior Identified Cricketers Named

04 Aug 2020

Male & Female Junior Identified Cricketers Named

A group of 11 male and 13 female junior cricketers were selected for a 10-week training programme spanning July through September. The purpose of this programme is to support and accelerate the development of players who have registered considerable performances at regional and national age-group level. The sessions run on a Friday evening and the players receive coaching from Mark Bracewell, Tanya Morrison, Megan Gibbs, Craig Cumming, Sam Wells, Bradley Scott, Adam Miles and Mark Craig. Players in these groups are as follows**:

OCA Male Junior IDP2

Male Group

  1. Cam Elliott (Otago Boy’s HS, Dunedin)
  2. Toby Hart (Wakatipu HS, Otago Country)
  3. Xavier Chisholm (Otago Boy’s HS, Dunedin)
  4. Oram Gutsell (King’s HS, Dunedin)
  5. Seb Kyle (Otago Boy’s HS, Dunedin)
  6. Jacob Murray (King’s HS, Dunedin)
  7. Jacob Cumming (Otago Boy’s HS, Dunedin)
  8. Jed Mockford (Southland Boy’s HS, Southland)
  9. Michael Ruske (Otago Boy’s HS, Dunedin)
  10. Benji Culhane (Southland Boy’s HS, Southland)
  11. Finn Hurley (Otago Boy’s HS, Southland)

 OCA Female Junior IDP

Female Group

  1. Jordan Meltzer (St Hilda’s CS, Dunedin)
  2. Emily Brosnahan (Columba College, Dunedin)
  3. Harriett Cuttance (Columba College, Southland)
  4. Angelique Peyroux (Columba College, Dunedin)
  5. Paige Loggenberg (Wakatipu HS, Otago Country)
  6. Abby Fookes (Wakatipu HS, Otago Country)
  7. Louisa Kotcamp (Columba College, Dunedin)
  8. Molly Mason-Galletly (Dunstan HS, Otago Country)
  9. Georgie McEwan (Bayfield HS, Dunedin)
  10. Zarah Moana (St Hilda’s CS, Dunedin)
  11. Grace Walding (Columba College, Dunedin)
  12. Chloe Deerness (St Hilda’s CS, Dunedin)
  13. Hannah Wilson (Otago Girl’s HS, Dunedin)

Congratulations also to Jacob Cumming (Otago Boys HS) & Jacob Murray (Kings HS) who have been included in the Volts' Winter Training Programme - a great opportunity for you lads to grow as cricketers.

** The members of this group will be reviewed at the end of September.