New Delivery Model agreed for Dunedin Cricket

28 Oct 2018

Otago Cricket and Dunedin Cricket have signed a two year pilot agreement that will see Otago Cricket take the lead on the delivery of all cricket in Dunedin.  This pilot comes off the back of recent NZC One Cricket reviews of District Associations.  The 2017 review of Dunedin Cricket, undertaken by former NZC staffer Alec Astle, and NZC appointed reviewer Simon Hill, recommended that one governing body deliver the game in the Dunedin metropolitan area. 

Two key stakeholder forums were held in May and July of this year, the first of these led by NZC One Cricket Project Manager Martin Snedden, where two models of delivery were mooted.  The Dunedin Cricket Association (DCA) voted to put the delivery of all cricket, across Dunedin, into the hands of the Otago Cricket.  Until the new agreement was in put in place the DCA had concentrated its delivery on senior competitions with the Dunedin Junior Cricket Association (DCJA) delivering junior cricket.  Otago Cricket have continued to deliver the community development and amateur cricket components over many years.

DCA Chairman George Morris said that the time was right for change and that the option for Otago Cricket to lead all aspects of delivery of Cricket across Dunedin was the best approach.  “The DCA and OCA have now signed an agreement document for a pilot that will involve the OCA working toward making the delivery of cricket in the Dunedin metropolitan area more understandable for all stakeholders. Included in this will be a focus on the sustainability of cricket in Dunedin”.

Otago Cricket CEO Mike Coggan agreed and stated that in an every changing and busy world, where volunteers are being stretched to breaking point, it made sense to work towards this one governance and delivery model in Dunedin where one organisation led the delivery of Cricket.  “This model will assist stakeholders to better understand who has responsibility for what.  Otago Cricket will be accountable for the delivery of all aspects of Cricket in Dunedin including ensuring that strong relationships are maintained with clubs and schools.  It is all about working towards a sustainable future for our clubs and schools”. 

Tim O’Sullivan, who is employed full time with Otago Cricket, but whose services are contracted back to the DCA to manage competition operations will assume the new role of GM Dunedin Cricket, where he will take a strategic lead throughout the two year pilot.  Otago Cricket have recently supported the new GM position, with the appointment of Mel Paterson as part time Competitions Coordinator. 

The Board of Otago Cricket have approved the establishment of a governance subcommittee to ensure that Otago Cricket meets its obligations to the pilot.  Board Directors Shane Robinson and Adam Gain, together with CEO Mike Coggan and O’Sullivan will meet monthly under the terms of reference of this subcommittee.

O’Sullivan will be able to call on the decision making service of an advisory group, which will start out being the basis of the former DCA representatives. The GM will determine what role the former DCJA will play in the planning and delivery of junior representative/zonal Cricket.

It is anticipated that Otago Cricket, led by GM Dunedin Cricket will hold at least three annual strategic forums with stakeholders, with the first of these being planned for some time in November/December to discuss the new beginnings of the pilot agreement with clubs and schools.

Throughout the course of the agreement, the DCA will continue to be bound by constitutional requirements including holding an annual general meeting and managing operations through its set of accounts.  DCA representatives will meet with the Board subcommittee three times through the course of the two year pilot, to review progress. 

 O’Sullivan will continue to carry out his operational role for Otago Cricket, including domestic and international match managing, albeit in a reduced capacity .

The two organisations have now turned a full circle with the Dunedin Cricket being separated from Otago Cricket when the Dunedin Cricket Association was set up in 1986.