Q&A with Foxy

28 May 2020


Q&A with Foxy

This week we caught up with Volts all-rounder Dean Foxcroft, who is currently at home in Pretoria, South Africa. Dean joined the Otago Volts from Central Districts in the 2019/20 season, and instantly provided value as a top-order batsman, and a handy off-spin bowler. Read below to find out how his quarantine is going, and his thoughts on his first season playing in Dunedin.

Q: Thanks for your time Dean. Firstly, where are you currently and what have you been doing?

A: I am in South Africa with the family. I’ve been busy with the Volts training program so I am training and working hard. I am also studying and getting ready for my exams.

Q: How has the COVID-19 situation affected you personally? And what have you been doing to keep on top of your training?

A: It has helped me to appreciate the small stuff in the world like actually going outside and seeing friends, and also to enjoy every moment you have with your family. I’ve been busy with running and weights training. Blaine (Blaine Clancy, Volts S&C) sorted us out with some programs to do to stay on top of our game with our skills and fitness.

Q: How did you get started in Cricket? And what led to you wanting to play in New Zealand?

A: My brother Glenn (28) played cricket, so i was always next to the field dreaming of playing cricket myself. I first started playing when I was about 5. What led me to New Zealand was seeking a new experience. Something that would challenge me, give me the opportunity to try new things in life, and learn to adapt. The culture of New Zealand, it's cricket, and the beautiful country is also a reason why I chose New Zealand. From the moment I got here I loved it, and knew I made the right choice to come and play cricket in New Zealand. I have never looked back at my decision.

Q: How has the transition been from Napier to Dunedin?

A: Very good, the boys and the people at the Volts made it easy to adapt. Napier was a good place, weather was good but Dunedin is bigger and there are more things to do... and nothing can beat a dunner stunner!

Q: What’s your favourite thing about Dunedin?

A: Definitely the old churches and buildings in and around Dunedin. It’s such a beautiful place to show family and friends, especially the St Clair area. And also Dunedin has got the best Cafe's in NZ.

Q: How did you enjoy your first season with the Volts last year?

A: I loved it. We’ve got a great group of boys. All the people at the Volts are nice and they’ve been very welcoming. The whole set up is great. We have played some amazing cricket and I believe that there is some great things coming for us as a team.

Q: What would be your season highlight from the 2019/20 season?

A: Personally I would say my 100 vs Central Stags, and as a team it would be our win against the Knights in Alexandra.

Q: What are your aspirations for both yourself and the Volts coming into the new season?

A: My aspirations would be to hopefully represent New Zealand one day. But for now is to win some trophies with the Volts, and help contribute with runs and wickets. We were pretty close last season so I think we are getting to it.

Q: Who is the funniest in the Volts squad?

A: Neil Broom is probably the funniest. The man has got some great stories.

Q: Who in the Volts do you not want to get stuck sitting next to on a flight?

A: Has to be Michael Razor (Rae) - too tall and big. Legs and arms everywhere. Michael Rippon too - very scared of flying and he asks too many questions.

Q: Thanks again Dean, we look forward to having you back in Dunedin soon!

A: Cheers mate no worries, looking forward to be in Dunedin again. Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying level 2.