Community Cricket Overview

Otago Pathway MAP 2017 page 001

 At Otago Cricket we have two main areas of operation that drive our vision and support a bright and sustainable future – Community Cricket and Performance & Talent. 

Refer to our Player Pathway Map to see how our community game is structured. 

 We have 6 strands to Community Cricket which involve various products and services and offered to players, coaches and officials.  Four of these strands are included in the Player map whilst we are still working on the development of the NZC Coaching pathway (strand 5).  Information about our 6th community strand Officials can be found under the tab Umpires and Scorers.  Our player pathways can be separated into the following with players able to move horizontally and vertically up and across various offerings as they get older, decide whether they want to play for fun or more seriously and as they develop their cricket skills and experience.   Our game is being structured to meet the changing needs of males and females of all ages.  

  1. Recreation/Education

  2. Modified Cricket

  3. Traditional Cricket

  4. Representative

 Our Community team is responsible for ensuring opportunities are provided to a wide range of participants in schools, clubs and in age group representative programmes.  Our team delivers the NZC school based competitions at regional level, plan and operate winter skills acquisition programmes and lead the delivery of coach education.  In carrying out such responsibilities our team is always seeking to forge a connection with young players and providing that all important pathway that will ultimately see them fulfil their dreams of playing for the Otago Volts and Sparks and the BLACKCAPS AND WHITEFERNS.  We are continually building awareness of cricket as our beloved national summer game, growing its brand and interest amongst mums, dads, grand parents and the kids themselves who in time become lifelong avid fans.    

To find out more about how you can get involved in Cricket contact on Community team at any time during the work week.  We’re only too happy to assist.