Otago Cricket 2017/18 - Upcoming Courses

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Advanced Foundation: 

  • Tuesday 19th September, Dunedin 6.00-9.00pm OCA Performance Centre (Edgar Centre)
  • Monday 6th November, Dunedin 6.00-9.00pm OCA Performance Centre (Edgar Centre)
  • Wednesday 20th September, Invercargill 
  • Tuesday 17th October, Alexandra (Molyneux Park)
  • Wednesday 17th October, Wanaka

Level 1  (The Advanced Foundation course is a pre-requisite for the Level 1)

  • Saturday and Sunday 23-24 September, Dunedin (OCA Performance Centre, Edgar Centre) 9.00am -4.00pm both days
  • Saturday and Sunday 30 Sept and 1 October, Invercargill, (Southland cricket Indoor Centre) 9.00am - 4.00pm both days

For further information contact Will Deerness: 
Email: will@otagocricket.co.nz 
Phone: 027 2488964