Otago Polytechnic Scholarships

Otago Cricket is proud to be in partnership with the Otago Polytechnic, to foster sport and education which has wide-ranging benefits for the Otago Community. The partnership allocates five full fees academic scholarships to the Otago Cricket Association allowing Otago cricket to retain and attract talented players to our area from within our region but also from throughout the country.

The philosophy behind the scholarships is the desire of both organizations to keep the athlete/ student as the key focus by preparing young people holistically for lifelong careers on and off the sportsfield. Cricket and study life has long been a great avenue for young athletes to grow their games and obtain essential qualifications for life after cricket and beyond. The summer tertiary break fits in very well to the cricket calendar meaning the study/ sports lifestyle balance is one which is easily manageable.

Otago Cricket has established excellent relationships with key staff at the Otago Polytech meaning that careers advisors, study assistance, and support are all catered for by quality people with the athlete as the central focus.

Otago Polytechnic Scholarship holders will have access to Otago Cricket Performance Coaching staff, Support staff (including Strength and Conditioning, Physio therapy and Mental Skills support) and Otago Cricket training facilities throughout the period of their scholarships.

This is an exciting opportunity for talented young athletes to see what Dunedin’s student culture has to offer as well as become the best cricketer they can be in a caring and professional environment.

To find out more about Otago Polytechnic please follow this link:  https://www.op.ac.nz